Frito Pie

Cooking at home doesn’t always need to be a big production.  In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to make a big elaborate meal every night.  I mean I guess impossible might be a bit of an overstatement, but it is impractical at the least.  So this week I did a easy meal.  Welcome to Frito Pie.

All you need is chili, fritos, salsa, a bit of lettuce, and cottage cheese.  At least how I make it.  The nice thing about this recipe is it could be more elaborate say if you wanted to make your own chili, or it is flexible to other changes you see fit.  Maybe you’d prefer a cheddar cheese instead of cottage cheese, or something else like that.  Personally, I feel that my version of Frito Pie is the ultimate sweet spot, but to each their own.  Make it yours, go crazy.

So I used a can of Amy’s vegetarian chili.  Really the only preparation for this meal was heating up the chili and cutting up a bit of lettuce.  Then you just layer it all together.

Fritos, chili, lettuce, cottage chesse, salsa.  Mix together and enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Frito Pie”

  1. Thanks Goodie girl for this post. I do make my own chile, but this is an excellent quick lunch recipe for when my vegie friends come calling. I will save this so I don’t forget.

    1. Save away Mimi! It is such an easy, and satisfying meal. Of course I always use vegetarian chilli, but Zac pretty much always uses his own meat chilli, and it’s one of his favorite meals.

      I’m hoping to start making up recipe cards for the posts that I do, and then email them to the people who are subscribed to my blog. I think that’ll make it a bit quicker and easier for people who want to try the recipes for themselves later.

  2. I was craving this after your post and we had it
    last night. Tommy and I then discussed our favorite Fritos pie components. Him: the cottage cheese. Me: all of it. But in the correct amounts. Enough lettuce for crisp crunching. Enough cottage cheese to be creamy. Enough chilli and salsa to be juicy…a delicate balance must be maintained.

    1. You are right about the balance! I also really love the cottage cheese. But I think my favorite part of this meal is having all of the distinct flavors,textures, and temperatures. Yet at the same time they blend and complement each other. Mmmmm!

  3. I sometimes like to add a small can of Anaheim green chilies to the chili when I am heating it up. I also like the crispier types of lettuce like romaine or iceberg rather than red or green leaf varieties. Occasionally, I prefer some sharp cheddar grated rather than cottage cheese. But most of the time I like cottage cheese. I think it is a bit easier to digest as well.

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